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Justine F
Justine F
July 9, 2022.
Got a detail survey, would use again, thanks guys.
Rose Elrington
Rose Elrington
July 7, 2022.
We built a new house and got our Setout Survey, Detail Survey and Identification Survey done through Surveyors Canberra. They communicated well the whole way through and were always on time. Highly recommend!

Land Surveyor Canberra

Welcome to Surveyors Canberra— your registered surveyor in Canberra, Australia. We are the experts in affordable land surveying and cater for a large amount of land surveys, including, Setout surveys, Boundary surveys, Detail surveys, Topographical surveys, Final Identification Surveys, Contour surveys, and more. Simply put, we can help you measure and map out a predetermined area by using several onsite and offsite techniques.  We have the best team of residential surveyors, local surveyors, and land surveyors to produce detailed reports by using the most advanced technology, such as spatial devices, unmanned aerial vehicles and geographic information system (GIS).

Moreover, our company prides itself on innovative technologies, coupled with our professionals to meet your land survey needs, be it for civil construction and engineering projects, or residential home owners and builders.

Canberra’s Most Trusted Land Surveying Services
Land surveying is one of the first few steps before construction can take place. Whilst it is undeniable that it also has its risks and brings stress, the survey is needed to ensure the safety of the future inhabitants of the infrastructure.

Seeking the best company and the right services to help you get through the steps can be tricky. This is where Surveyor Canberra comes in. Our company can do so much more for you than just give you the measurements and surveys of the land:

  • Site due diligence and feasibility for subdivision in Canberra
  • Helping you accomplish the pre-lodgement and development application phase
  • Making it more convenient for the development assessment and development approvals stage
  • Securing description of lands and encumbrances
Our Services

Surveyor Canberra offers a complete range of surveying services, and we specialise in the following areas:


WAE (Work as Executed)

Amoung other surveying Companies Canberra we offer work as executed surveys (WAE) or as-built surveys for stormwater, on-site detention tanks, basins, roads, sidewalks, accessways, driveways, pedestrians, and other infrastructure. Work as executed surveys are needed to be signed by a registered surveyor Canberra at the completion of the construction.


Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys for a property boundary or otherwise referred to as the Boundary Survey involves the determination of the location of the property boundaries by physically marking the metres and bounds of the land. The exact location of easements, covenants, restrictions and the like may also be measured and delimited at this time. As a way to dodge future disputes, you must have your boundary marked before putting up a fence or starting on any construction.

Strata Subdivision

Strata subdivision survey features a Strata Plan, enabling the subdivision of buildings and structures. This is more beneficial on a single lot of land that is divided further into multiple Strata lots and shared Common Property. The moment the Strata Plan is approved and designed, the rest is smooth sailing.

Setout Survey

Here at Surveyor Canberra, our survey team possesses the necessary skill set in conducting Setout – Construction Surveys, as well as other essential services such as:

  • Control Establishment
  • Housing Setout
  • Pipeline Setout
  • Sewer Setout
  • Drainage Setout
  • Services Infrastructure Setout
  • Asset Recording and As-built Surveys
  • Grid Setout
  • Concrete Panel Setout
  • Bolt and Formwork Setout

Contour Survey

Contour and detail surveys is a crucial step in building or constructing your new home or extension. Contour surveys are crucial in all types of construction, big or small. Typically, Surveyor Canberra offers surveying in any location and levels of existing areas, be it ground or top.

Surveyor Canberra

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Frequently Asked Questions
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How much does it cost to have a piece of property surveyed in Australia?
The cost of property surveying in Canberra starts $165 on an hourly basis. But these prices can still vary depending on the size, shape, and location of the land. If your property is irregular in shape, or if your land is situated in mountainous areas, the surveying cost could be higher. There are property factors that affect the total measuring or surveying costs. The following are some of the things that affect land surveying rates:

  • Location – The area where the property is situated influences the price the most. Expect to be charged a higher fee if there is an abundance of trees and plants or if the property is not easily accessed by vehicles.
  • Land Size – It follows that when the property is big, the amount of time needed to survey the land is also long.
  • Measurement and Shape – Having a rectangular-sized property measured and surveyed is way cheaper than having a piece of land with irregular borders measured.
  • Other Physical Aspects of Land – It will be common to have higher surveying rates for properties located in a mountainous area. In addition to the difficulty of surveying these lands, access may not be an easy option.


What does a land surveyor do in Australia?
A land surveyor is someone who works either in the office or in the field. When they are out in the field, they employ the latest technology such as high order GPS, Robotic Total Stations, as well as aerial and terrestrial scanners to measure and map out an area. This allows them to make computations and take photos as documentation.

When they are in the office, land surveyors in Canberra make use of computer software, like auto-cad to come up with draft plans and map out the onsite measurements. They also engage on varying projects from land subdivision and mining exploration, as well as the tunnel building and major construction.

To say the least, their jobs are pretty dynamic. They are specialists in assessing land size and measurement. On top of these, they also offer advice and information to assist the engineers, architects and developers.

Do I need a survey to put up a fence in Canberra?
Even if the construction of good fences make good neighbours, such may not be true when the fence is placed in the wrong location. This can cause serious problems. If you are planning to put up a fence on your property, then you need the property line delimited and surveyed, so you can safely say that the fence is well within your property line. Any room for mistakes may not be tolerable.

  • If you accidentally put up the fence on your neighbour’s property, then such improvement becomes theirs.
  • If you accidentally situate the fence on the property line, then it becomes a boundary line fence. It only means that you and your neighbour will jointly own the fence. Things such as the maintenance and other expenses related to it must be borne by both parties.
What is the difference between a land survey and a boundary survey?
On one hand, a survey on land applies to contemporary and classic methods of measuring and locating existing human structures, natural elements, elevations, angles and limits of properties. These are done with the use of mathematics, geometry and other related sciences. Now, there are many ways to survey lands.

While on the other hand, a boundary survey is one method of setting the limits of a property formally. It is solely focused on the definition of the metres and bounds of the land. Typically, potential buyers of land need border surveys before they purchase, divide, improve or build on the land. A land surveyor will come up with a drawing following the completion of a boundary survey. The survey is more accurate and reliable because the measurements must be precise

Do I need a boundary survey?
A lot of people depend on surveying as a guarantee and protection in the physical world. Land surveyors in Canberra play a crucial land development, covering areas such as the planning and design of land subdivisions up to road completions, landscaping, and utilities.

Land surveyors team up closely with professionals in the fields of engineering, architecture, geology and planning. Their function is crucial in these fields, and surveyors are usually key persons on any construction site. They are responsible for measuring and mapping the land.

These initial measurements are utilised by architects to better make out of the place in designing, and by engineers to plan structures accurately and safely. Thus, land surveyors are essential in keeping the building safe.


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