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Boundary Surveys in Canberra
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Boundary marking surveyors or also referred to as re-establishment surveys and boundary surveys are crucial for residential construction and land development. Regardless of the size of your project, our qualified surveyors can give you fast and accurate surveys that can be customised to fit your needs. Here are common causes for boundary surveys:

  • Replacement of Fences
  • Construction of Buildings near Boundaries
  • Dispute Settlements for Neighbours



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The Boundary Survey Process
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Calculations and Title Investigation
Boundary identification surveys or re-establishment surveys are executed to identify the exact place of existing boundaries and the nature of their relationship with the existing structures.
Site Visits and Boundary Fixation
Having a new construction for a new building, fence or any other structure that is placed near your boundary, a licensed surveyor from Surveyor Canberra is the best person who can help you physically mark out the boundary of your land. When we perform boundary fixation, our boundary identification surveys include an identification certificate duly authenticated by a registered surveyor Canberra.
Drafting of Plans
Pursuant to the regulations for boundary surveys, all land parcels need demarcation by visible landmarks. Having these marks is represented by pegs placed at each corner designating the legal boundaries as described by the title deed.
Issuance of Boundary Marking Sketch
If you have a dispute with your neighbour about the boundary location or encroachments on your land, you can also seek the help of a boundary surveyor to identify and mark where the exact legal boundaries are.

The Best Boundary Surveyors in Canberra 

Our team of Registered Surveyors Canberra possess the right set of skills to make you the right boundary surveys in accordance with the relevant cadastral legislation in Australia. We guarantee exceptional results in every project we handle. Big or small – Canberra Surveyors got you covered. Call us now!


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