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The local councils usually require a Work As Executed Survey (WAE) or As Built Survey to be done and authenticated by a Registered Surveyor Canberra to formally complete the construction of the building or infrastructure. The survey can also be used to make sure that the works adhere to the approved design plans of engineers and architects. It is especially beneficial to the design position and levels with the constructed position, road levels, access ways, stormwaters, sewer systems and other infrastructure.

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The Process Involved

Site Visit of New Infrastructure

The registered civil engineer is the only person who can issue a Work As Executed certificate. But, keep in mind that before a civil engineer can issue a WAE certificate, a survey must be performed by a licensed surveyor Canberra.

Calculations by Registered Surveyor

Whether your project is big or small, or whether it is simple or complex, you can be guaranteed that the engineers at Surveyor Canberra will perform a detailed and professional assessment of the as-built system.

Issuance of WAE Survey Plans

The assigned engineer is responsible for the review of the survey and identification of the newly built system if such is in line with the first design, and if any differences are present. If all goes to plan, the engineer will issue the WAR certificate.

Professional Work As Executed Surveys in Canberra

WAE surveys are beneficial for completed civil and stormwater drainage systems in dwellings, residential subdivisions and commercial building works. A Work As Executed certificate (WAE) is given by local councils the moment the construction of a stormwater system or any other infrastructure is completed. This is also to make sure that the construction was done in accordance with the drawings and specifications of the client.

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