Strata Subdivision

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Strata Subdivision
Strata survey or stratum subdivision plans serve as the official record that set out the legal boundaries of the land. This document will usually put forth the dimensions and size of a lot. Usually, there are three types of legal survey plans that are made available from the public register.

However, you must note that a strata survey may not be undertaken on a multi-tiered development. Moreover, a strata survey is beneficial for the common property lot in making access to it. To be more specific, this type of survey plan gives you:

  • The Lots Size
  • The shape of the Property
  • Dimensions of the Lots
  • Sketch of the Parcel
  • Areas and Angles of the Lot
  • Title Number of Unit and of Common Property
  • Notifications and Encumbrances
  • Torrens and Community Title
  • Strata Title Subdivisions
  • Redefinition and Consolidation
  • Delimitation of Land
  • Description of Land Titles
  • Strata Conversions of Existing Residential Buildings

A strata subdivision survey provides for common services, such as adjacent strata lots. These services are usually covered by easements under the Title Act for Strata. Strata plans can also give you:

  • Sketch of the Building
  • Sizes of the Lot
  • Title Reference
  • Notifications and Description of Encumbrances

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This type of subdivision is usually opted as a more affordable choice and to avoid the additional cost of separate services. This is especially beneficial for existing infrastructure that is adjacent to the proposed lot. Don’t worry about dealing with the complicated government requirements, needed documents and the need of hiring consultants because our registered surveyors have got you covered.

Our company has helped countless clients achieve hassle-free subdividing of their buildings and structures. Allow us to manage all the project components, such as the strata plan preparation, project management and deposited plan preparation. Call us now!


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